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Moronic Bastard
Orochimaru Body Transfer Jutsu
I think my teacher is an idiot. No, I know he's an idiot. He's extremely perverted and doesn't seem to know what he's talking about. I ask him to clarify some things and all he does is rephrase the question. I hate him.

So, today I got busted for skipping class. Nah, I'm not that interesting. However, Andrea did see us in another teacher's class. Well, I'm sorry. I just didn't feel like sitting in a room without my classmates, forcing me to talk with the pervert. He creeps me out enough as it is, I don't need to be alone with the bastard.

Anyways, today I was hyper for no reason. I actually felt good without having to take a five hour energy (which is what I usually need in order to make me focused and energetic). A few hours into class though, I started getting a major headache and really hungry. I usually eat waffles before class. I guess that really isn't much food. So, after school my fiance made me tacos. I was starving so I really appreciated it :)

Lately, I've been strangely addicted to Dr. Pepper. Why? I really have no clue. It tastes pretty alright, kind of refreshing, but I'm not supposed to drink pop (although, right now I'm thinking "I have an unfinished RC in the fridge >.> <.<").

I've also been addicted to my female friend. She's like oxygen to me, except in a less creepy way. Wait.. ah never mind. I just adore her. I feel like we're dating, because I can't stand to be away from her. Of course my fiance doesn't mind (pssh, men). It's hilarious, because he really is who he cosplays (Jiraiya). I suppose I really am Orochimaru and my *addiction* is Tsunade. We are the sannin.

Well, that was fun. I'm seriously considering getting that drink. Ok I got it. Blleehhhh it's not that great :( Soooo why am I still drinking it? Yuck, forget it. I'll keep drinking my water :( OR GET A JUICE BOX!

Well, I'm going to keep listening to AVGN and not being productive.

Until later.